Dimitris Melachroinos


Dimitris Melachroinos

Founder & CEO
Spitogatos Group

Dimitris is founder and CEO of Spitogatos, one of the leading proptech / property search businesses in SE Europe, currently operating in Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Malta and Albania with no1 position in most of those countries.

Dimitris co-founded Spitogatos in 2006, after working for a few years in finance in the UK and the US. Since then Spitogatos has gone through numerous transformation phases;it was the first Greek tech startup to ever reaise capital from a venture capital fund (2009) and since 2014 has become part of the Luxembourg based Real Web, which invests in numerous digital marketplaces in Europe and also controls Immobiliare.it, the no.1 property website in Italy. Spitogatos also acquired the Greek property search website tospitimou.gr in 2015, launched its international brand Indomio in 2018, acquired the Serbian srbija-nekretnine.org in 2019, Slovenian No1 Nepremicnine.net in 2020 and the Croatian Crozilla.com in 2022.

Dimitris holds a BSc in Economics from the University of Piraeus and an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York.